My Brand New 2021 MacBook Pro Died Within 90 Minutes

Is this something that happens less than one in a million?

My Brand New 2021 MacBook Pro Died Within 90 Minutes
Photo by Kari Shea / Unsplash

After lying in its box unopened on the hardwood floor for 11 days, my new 2021 MacBook Pro was snatched up by my two hands. I unboxed it, turned it on, went through the setup prompts, and then started to play around with it.

It was fast as hell. My mind was blown, and I was giddy with excitement about how much more productive I would be while using it.

My old 2015 MacBook Pro had a swelled battery causing the computer to slide around on my desk. Not having this problem was wonderful. The battery lasted no more than one hour, while my new MacBook Pro’s battery lasts about 11 hours.

The keyboard was smooth, but I’m not sure if it’s an improvement over the older MacBooks.

All in all, I was in love.

MacBook Pro Shits Itself

After playing around for 90 minutes, I noticed a software update was ready: macOS Monterey 12.1. I’ve owned Apple products since 2006 and have never hesitated to update software. I had no reason to hesitate this time around.

The software update was downloaded successfully. It then started to install.

Within 30 minutes of installation, an exclamation point inside a circle appeared with a URL to an Apple support page below it. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in the 15 years of owning Apple products.

I typed in the URL:

The subtitle on the page reads:

The firmware of your Mac needs to be revived or restored.

The first paragraph reads:

In very rare circumstances, such as when a power failure interrupts macOS installation, your Mac might start up to a circled exclamation point. That means the firmware stored in your computer’s memory needs to be revived or restored.

I googled “define revive” because I do this anytime I want clarification on what a word means.

The first definition reads:

Restore to life or consciousness.

I enjoyed this definition the most, so it’s what stuck in my mind.

Within 90 minutes of bringing to life a new MacBook Pro that was launched to the world 3 months earlier, it lost consciousness and thus needed to be revived.

I was thrilled.

Just kidding. I was frustrated.

New 2021 MacBook Pro Forever Dead?

My new 2021 MacBook Pro shit itself on Thursday, December 16. I had a flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan, the following day. I tried to revive it on my own on Saturday morning without success. I then chatted with Apple support online for over an hour without success. Thus, I set up an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple store in Grand Rapids.

The lady opened it at the Apple store, tried to turn it on, tried to restore it, asked me some questions, and then looked to see if they had the same laptop in stock. They did.

I returned my 90-minute young MacBook Pro and then bought a new 2021 MacBook Pro. I’m pleased to say that I’m typing on it now. I don’t know if my old new MacBook is alive or not, so in my own mind, it’s dead.

I have no idea how often Apple computers die within 90 minutes of being turned on for the first time. I reckon it’s less than 1 in 1000 and probably less than one in a million.

This once-in-a-million event was a minor blip in my life.

Blips will continuously happen in my life and in yours.

Begin again. Move forward. Smile.