Everything Everywhere All At Once Is the Greatest Movie of All Time

9 questions to contemplate after watching

Everything Everywhere All At Once Is the Greatest Movie of All Time
Photo by Mor Shani / Unsplash

Earlier this evening, while flying from Miami to New York en route to Michigan, I watched the greatest movie of all time: Everything Everywhere All At Once.

It was the second time I had watched the film in 24 days. I want to watch the film hundreds of times.

I want to watch it with as many humans as possible: family, friends, acquaintances, readers, writers, philosophers, scientists, religious zealots, movie buffs, and everyone else.

I want to engage in deep conversations after watching the film. Perhaps we discuss the following questions as a starting point:

  1. How many times did you cry? Why?
  2. What does “nothing matters” mean to you? Does this resonate with you? Why or why not?
  3. What did the film teach you about life?
  4. Are love and kindness the answer? What about honesty? Do these traits contradict each other?
  5. Are you going to apply what you learned to your life? In what ways?
  6. Assume there is one universe. Metaphorically, what does the multiverse mean?
  7. Do you believe in free will? If yes, how do you explain the moments in time that you don’t think you chose but shifted the direction of your life?
  8. Is everything happening everywhere all at once?
  9. Would you put everything on a bagel?

I want to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once during my lowest lows and highest highs.

I want to watch it dozens of times by myself and reflect and write about how it applies to my life at that given time and the world at large.

I want to watch it:

  • while tripping on mushrooms
  • amongst the mountains
  • on a boat in the ocean
  • in a movie theater
  • on my iPhone
  • at the airport
  • at the beach

Am I crazy?


But nothing matters. So does it matter that I want to watch and dissect this film for the rest of my life?

Is it ironic that “matter makes up everything visible in the known universe,” according to National Geographic?

Nothing matters, but matter is everything.

Everything has an impact. A simple act of kindness can affect someone for the rest of their life in seemingly invisible but potentially profound ways. An example is saying “good morning” with a smile or head nod to a stranger walking by.

I want to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once with everyone everywhere all at once.

Stay tuned for more thoughts.