Bye-Bye Peekaboo

Bye-Bye Peekaboo

Bye-bye peekaboo is a game my 3-year-old niece Stella and I play together. This is how we play:

  1. I look at Stella and say her name making sure we connect eyes.
  2. I say “bye-bye” and then cover my eyes or hide for three or more seconds.
  3. Stella covers her eyes or runs toward me.
  4. I show myself with a smile and say, “peekaboo!”
  5. Stella and I share smiles and giggles.
  6. Stella may say, “again, again!”

It’s a simple game that’s created unlimited joy for us over the past two years. When we see each other, we play this game more often than not.

The best gift we can give to those we love is our time—our undivided attention.

What simple action can you take that’ll provide endless joy to someone you love? To a stranger?

A smile and hug is a great starting point.


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