12 Reasons to Watch Everything Everywhere All at Once ASAP

It's the greatest movie of all-time.

12 Reasons to Watch Everything Everywhere All at Once ASAP
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Everything Everywhere All at Once is the greatest movie of all time. I wrote about this in September 2022, and now it leads all films with 11 Oscar nominations. I've never watched the Oscars, but I may tune in this year.

As of January 26, Everything Everywhere All at Once has returned to 1400 theaters in the United States for this weekend. Today (January 28), I’ll watch the movie for the fourth time overall and the first time at a theater. It’ll soon be the only movie I own as I plan to watch it dozens of times across my life span.

I read through hundreds of YouTube comments on the official trailer and curated the best 12 that wonderfully express the power of this once-in-a-generation film. Some have minuscule edits for clarity and to clean up grammar mistakes, but the meaning did not change for any.

Have you watched Everything Everywhere? If yes, what did you think of it? I’d love to read your thoughts (even if you hated the film) so please drop a comment.


Nothing matters is why everything matters

By Pxcr

Watched the movie, and it felt like I went to therapy for 2 damn years. It has a deep meaning you can't find in other modern movies. You'll laugh, cry, and learn to appreciate things around you. It examines nihilism, existentialism, and everything in between. We live in a world (or a universe, lol) where all of us are just here on borrowed time when we will eventually cease to exist and return to dust. But, if we choose to, we can make this inevitable journey of life to death a little more meaningful if we love, appreciate, and make the most of what we have. Because "nothing matters" is the reason why everything matters. :) 100/10 one of my favorite movi——I mean, pieces of art I have ever encountered.

Deep self-reflection

By Fraunda kelm bril ponda prost!

This is one of those films where you know the entire future for movies will change dramatically once you've watched it. Daniels and co. took every part of what makes the medium of films great and simply floored it—consistently great humor, a heartfelt and meaningful story at the core, an energizing level of visual splendor, consistent and ambitious creativity—and weaved it all into a modern classic that will rival Kubrick in terms of sheer influence going forward.
Not only that, but it's the sort of art that connects so earnestly in its message that it brings about deep self-reflection and a NEED to self-actualize yourself and care for those around you in every way you can. Simply put, it's everything art COULD and SHOULD be, and it will speak to millions from so many walks of life in an inspiring way. Words can't even describe how fantastic and life-affirming watching this movie was.

Top 1 movie of all time

By Cybit

My wife and I cried, laughed, cried, then laughed again in the theaters. Went home, felt some existential crisis, cried again for a good 30 minutes, then laughed, remembering all the silly scenes. Easily my top 1 movie of all time for bringing my wife and me on a roller coaster ride. It deserves all the praise and none of the hate.

Tears from a rock falling off a cliff

By Kunaak

I am gonna try to avoid spoiling anything—but... I had tears going because a rock fell off a cliff. I can't even begin to explain how that happened, how a story could be so good that a rock was as compelling as the rest. This movie was truly exceptional.

The Everything Bagel (may contain spoilers)

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By Rix Morales

I don't know why I bawled my eyes out in that scene between Michelle and her daughter when the latter said nothing really matters. Maybe because I can identify with her nihilistic notion that the idea of destroying one's self is the only way she could see to achieve peace, and I can relate to that on a very personal level because I've been in that position many times.

The Everything Bagel was like a metaphor for suicide, and I was so glad that there was someone like Evelyn who made Jobu realize that despite inevitable failures and rejections, amidst all the chaos in the universe, we can still find tiny specks of pure happiness when shared with our loved ones, no matter how fleeting these moments can be, and that they're enough to make us feel alive and get going. Despite seeing boundless possibilities of greatness in other worlds, Evelyn still chose to be in that moment with her daughter, the joy of her life, despite all her flaws and queerness. The vastness and infiniteness of time and space may make us feel like we don't matter, like nothing matters, but Evelyn made us realize that we matter to someone.

This film is an ode to parenthood, an observation into the mind of loneliness, and an exercise of acceptance, freedom, and enduring hope.

Cherish these few specks of time

By Jumpier Book

I understand that I am very late to all this, but after deciding to watch this yesterday, I would say that it truly is a MASTERPIECE! It made me laugh and awe, but also cry. This film really has opened my eyes (I have been struggling with depression) that I am not alone and that also, no matter how upsetting life is, just like Evelyn said, "Then I will cherish these few specks of time." Thanks to A24, The Daniels, The Russos, Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, and Stephanie Hsu.

Hotdog fingers intimacy

By Loser

Spoilers ahead but...

If a movie can make you cry at the intimacy shared between two women with hotdog fingers as one plays the piano with her feet... you know it's a modern masterpiece. And I mean that completely sincerely as high praise.

Share the most heartfelt experience

By GoKu San

My dad randomly found this film, and we decided to watch it today. Throughout the movie, we laughed and smiled at the pure, fun wackiness of it all. But once the credits came on… we just cried. Both of us cried tears of joy. We then hugged for about 5 minutes, and he said something like: “I’m so happy to have you in this life.” That is by far one of the most heartfelt experiences I’ve ever shared with my dad. I’ll never forget how much this film reminded me of why I loved my family.

Stir your soul

By Andrew

It took about a minute for the first person in my theater to get up once the credits started rolling. I think everyone was still drying their tears and collecting themselves after one of the greatest films to have come out in the last few years.
Never before have I experienced such a range of emotions watching a movie as I did with Everything Everywhere All at Once. Incredible visuals, amazing writing, acting, and powerful music that in and of itself can stir your soul are why putting this masterpiece at the top of my list of all-time favorite movies was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. Not to mention how hilarious and off-the-walls bonkers the first half is. 10/10, please go watch this if you haven’t already. :)

Rock with googly eyes

By Zserlpq

I don't think there will be another movie where they can make two rocks talking with each other in the form of texts in the most cinematic, beautiful, and astonishing way possible.

Every minute serves a purpose

By Brihannah

This movie was like looking at the most breathtaking piece of art you've ever seen for TWO. HOURS. STRAIGHT. Hands down, this is one of the best movies ever made and will go down in history books. There is no film more original and creative than this. It is clearly a work of love; every minute of the film serves a purpose in building this incredible experience. I was so deeply impacted that I cried for a half-hour AFTER the movie ended, just processing how beautiful this was. Buy it. Watch it. Love it.

The absolute craftsmanship is nuts

By Marco Chen

Just came out of a prescreening, and IT WAS AMAZING. This isn't a modern masterpiece; it is literally a CINEMATIC LANDMARK. I hope A24 works its ass off to campaign and promote this for more people to see and for award bodies to recognize. Throughout the movie, everyone in the theater was laughing their asses off in one scene, and then they hit you with a deeply touching scene that could make you cry. The absolute craftsmanship of this movie is nuts, it might be a little weird, but I assure you, if you just let yourself into it, you will absolutely love it.

If you haven’t yet watched Everything Everywhere All At Once, what are you waiting for?

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